DALBY FOREST AIRFIELD     www.southmoorfarm.co.uk Prior Permission Required/Essential.

ELEVATION         LOCATION                                      POL  112.10 057  62.2

750ft                 8nm W of Scarborough.                     OTR 113.90 333  40.5                            

25mb                 N54.3 W0.6                                    N 54 18' 00"  W 000 36' 00"

DALBY Radio 135.475 MHz 'SAFETYCOM'.*    APP/LARS 118.55 (Linton)

*SafetyCom – Prefix position calls “Dalby”

RWY  SURFACE              TORA             LDA      CIRCUIT       LIGHTING

05         Grass                 550              300            RH               Nil

23         Grass                 300              550            LH               Nil

All circuits to the South of the airfield.


Bob Walker. South Moor Farm, Langdale End, Scarborough, YO13 0LW

Tel: 01751 460285    Tel:  (Mobile)    email: hi@southmoorfarm.co.uk

Visiting ACFT welcome, PPR due to temporary fences and livestock on runway.

Landing Fee £5 with Prior Permission, livestock removed. £50 to £2000 if you hit livestock.   


Trees, strip in middle of Dalby Forest. Power line to west of runway.

Fence and wall at end of runway. 23 Uphill, 05 Downhill

Mature trees on short final for Rwy 05 up to 50ft agl may cause rotor or roll-over.

Runways very bumpy, grazed by sheep and cattle.

Wind tubine. 17mtr          above ground level 200 mtr from runway.

Noise: Please do not over fly valley to North. Please approach from South or East.  

Facilities. 4 Star Farm Guest Accommodation.

Tea, Coffee, Water, Biscuits, Walks, Mountain bike routes.

Maps of area.

Please avoid the neighbours in the avoid zones and farm houses marked below.